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How to Activate and Install Your Tracker

Step 1 - Register Your Tracker
  • If your tracker was not activated upon purchase, activate your tracker here.
  • If you already have an account, skip to Step 2
  • You will need the 15 digit IMEI # (which is on the label on the bottom of your tracker).
  • After activation, we will email your login information to you.
Step 2 - Install your Tracker

Install your tracker instantly on your trailer, or any other asset, with the built-in-magnets. At least one side should face a non-metalic material (like wood or fiberglass) or be open to the air (like facing the ground or the sky). You can also install it with screws or 2-sided 3M tape.

Step 3 - Log On to Start Tracking

You can log on to monitor your tracker and manage various features on your computer, or with our app on your mobile phone.

From your computer:

(Note: Map will show a default location until the next scheduled ping.)

Step 4 - Test the Installation Location

Push the TEST button on the side of your tracker and wait 5 minutes. If you don't see the updated location on your account, then consider repositioning the tracker. (Note: GPS satellite signals are weaker indoors.)